Underscoring the Relevance of Self-Efficacy Distance Learners Academic Performance: The Theoretical and Empirical Evidence

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Bello, S.A.
Oladejo, M.A.
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In recent times, Ergul (2004) observed that distance learning now moves from a marginal to _an integral role in overall educational provision. In doing this distance learning demands much on the part ofdistance learners. This is because in the distance learning system, learning is more personal and responsibility is more on the shoulders of the students. Therefore, it is expected of distance learners to possess positive self-efficacy beliefs of the programme for them to be able to perform well in their academic pursuits. For this reason, determining the relevance of this type of characteristics of students in distance education it is extremely important to be able to assist them in their academic work. In fact, a combination of cognitive style, personality characteristics an.d self expectations is asserted to be able to predict student performance in distance education
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Underscoring , Self-efficacy , Distance Learners , Academic Performance