Place and the Dynamics of Dissent:

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Ohwovoriole, F.E.
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The poet traces the attitude of the government towards the country (place) and the development of its citizenry. The Nigerian political system, right from the military. regime of Gowon to the political regime of Shagari seems to thrive on corruption and neglect of the Niger Delta region which is the source of wealth for the nation. The study identifies the dynamics of dissent in the text and the factors which determine the dissent. The paper in essence discusses what the poet sees as political mismanagement in government using the images drawn from The Niger-Delta environment. Also is the traditional or cultural place (Urhobo )that illuminates the poems in the text. He uses these images to highlight the consciousness of poverty of his people and about political events in Nigeria and the world at large. He displays a familiarity of the Niger-Delta terrain. Oil which should be a source of wealth has become a source of travail. He is angry because of physical and human degradation and he sees himself as a 'warrior agent'. He also draws from Urhobo myths, tales, legends, proverbs as agents of his dissent. Aridon helps his memory of these elements of folklore.
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Nigerian Political System , Citizenry
Ohwovoriole,F. (2011) Place and the Dynamics of Dissent: Tanure Ojaide's Invoking The Warrior Spirit: New and Selected PoemsCape Coast Journal Of Humanities,University Of Cape Coast ,Ghana,vol.3.