Professionals in the Built Environment and the Incidence of Building Collapse in Nigeria

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Adenuga, O. A.
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The failure of buildings is a national problem, which not only results in waste of materials, financial and human resources but, sometimes in loss of lives and properties. This occurrence has been a challenge to the professionals in the industry and as such necessitates the need for this study. The study examines the involvement of professionals in the incidence of buildings collapse in Lagos state. The research also identified and assessed the causes of building failure, evaluated the effects of such failures on construction professionals, the client, and the nation as a whole. In achieving these objectives, the study adopts a survey technique with a total of 65 questionnaires mainly for the professionals in the industry in which 50 were retrieved and used for the analysis. Random sampling technique was used in the selecting of the sample size. Data collected were analyzed using the frequency table, mean item score, one sample t test and paired sample t test. The study revealed that the building industry is full of quacks and inexperienced contractors. Their involvement in building construction has led to a lot of collapse in the past and at present. Poor management and leadership on the part of the Site Engineers and Builders have also contributed to many buildings failures. The analysis reveals that there are significant differences in the causes of building failure. The failures of buildings also have significant effects on the stakeholders. The study recommends that for all construction works being undertaken, such should be designed and supervised by qualified and registered Engineers and Builders. Also code of ethical conduct of building profession should be strongly enforced by the bodies concerned as to prevent ethical abuse by the professionals in the industry.
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Professionals , Built Environment , Collapse , Building Failure , Nigeria , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Civil engineering and architecture::Building engineering
Adenuga, O.A. (2012). Professionals in the Built Environment and the Incidence of Building Collapse in Nigeria. Organisation, Technology & Management in Construction: An International Journal, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Construction Management, Croatia, Zagreb, 4 (2), 461-473.