Anthropometric indices of the elderly attending a diabetes clinic in Lagos

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Enang, O.E
Olamoyegun, M.Y
Akinlade, A.T
Kushimo, W.A
Odusi, T.A
Fasanmade, O.A
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Endocrine and Metabolism Society of Nigeria
OBJECTIVE Obesity is one of the greatest challenges among patients with diabetes. The aim of the present study to assess the prevalence of overweight, obesity and an increased and high waist circumference in the elderly attending the diabetes clinic in a tertiary institution in Lagos and to describe the associations of both measures. METHODS This was a point prevalence study with 31 patients aged 60years and above attending the diabetes clinic between July and August 2009. Bodyweight, height, waist circumference, and blood pressure was measured, while the fasting blood glucose, glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c), duration of diabetes and complications were recorded from the patients’ case notes. We calculated rate ratios stratified for age and gender. RESULTS There were 21 (67.7%) females and 10 (32.3%) males. The mean age of female subjects was 68±7years and 68±5years for males (P=0.4). The mean duration of diabetes for males was 14±11 years and for females 11±8years (P=0.4). Of the 31 subjects, 7 (25%) of the study subjects were obese while 12 (43%) were overweight. Of the female subjects, 5 (26%) were obese while 8 (42%) were overweight. Of the male subjects, 2 (22%) were obese, while 4 (44%) were overweight.The mean WC for male subjects was 95± 12 cm and the mean WC for female subjects was 98±13cm. The difference was not statistically significant (P=0.53) CONCLUSION There is a high prevalence of obesity (22% of males and 44% of females) and, in particular, abdominal obesity (60% of males and 81% of females) in elderly patients attending the diabetes clinic. A high WC identifies high risk patients from within the overweight group.
Anthropometric indices, elderly, diabetes mellitus, Lagos
Enang OE, Olamoyegun MY, Akinlade AT, Kushimo WA, Odusi TA, Fasanmade OA, Ohwovoriole, AE. Anthropometric indices of the elderly attending a diabetes clinic in Lagos. Abstract from Nigerian society of Endocrinology and Metabolism 2009