Multi-criteria Decision Analysis of Supply Chain Practices and Firms Performance in Nigeria

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Amole, B.B.
Adebiyi, S.O.
Oyenuga, O.G.
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Logistics, supply chain, sustainability and global challenges
Companies are facing numerous pressures and challenges in order to be competitive in the market and meet the requirements of their customers which require an improvement in the supply chain practices of the firms to be more effective and efficient for sustainable competitive advantage. This study examines the use of a multi-criteria decision-making method using the analytic network process (ANP) to estimate how supply chain activities of the selected manufacturing firms’ influences its firm performance in other to enhance the satisfaction of customers. The population of the study is the manufacturing firms quoted in the Nigeria stock exchange. An ANP-based questionnaire was administered to Managers of selected manufacturing firms for pairwise comparison of supply chain factors relative influences and dependencies on their customers. A nonlinear network model was built to capture all the factors of supply chain practices and firms performance into clusters, nodes and dependences for the purpose of estimating various influences of supply chain practices on the performance of the various companies studied. Data collected were analysed using the software of Super decision 3.0version. The results revealed factors of supply chain practices that have a great connection with one another and strong relationship indicating that without the implementation of the key factors of the supply chain there would not be a significant improvement in the performance of the organisation which will also affect the desire of the customers. The ANP model has helped to show the interdependencies and feedback among the various factors of practices of the supply chain to augment the level of performance of the firms.
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Analytical Network Process , Supply chain , Strategic supplier partnership , Supply chain integration , Outsourcing , Customer relationship management , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Amole, B. B., Adebiyi, S. O., & Oyenuga, O. G. (2021). Multi-criteria decision analysis of supply chain practices and firms performance in Nigeria. Logistics, Supply Chain, Sustainability and Global Challenges, 12(1), 17-30.