Assuring Quality Manpower Planning:

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Fabiyi, A.I.
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Human Resource Planning as defined by the Encyclopedia of Professional Management (1995) involves a process of forecasting future staffing requirements, developing action plans to meet them and monitoring performance against the plan. One of the many reasons why Human resources or manpower is planned for education is to minimize wastage,promote efficiency and ensure that the specific number of employees needed for the job are provided at the appropriate time. It is however worrisome to note that several trained teachers are out there with no jobs. The political cronies of the system continue to employ an 'underground' system to conduct employment of manpower resources for schools. This practice throws away much of the desired quality needed for planning manpower. Change in our economy, societal expectation and education has made case for a more sophisticated and quality planning for human resources for public schools. This paper has attempted to identify some proposals for ensuring quality planning. These proposals are to be adopted and adjusted locally as much as it is functionally possible.
Conference Paper
Human Resources , Staffing
Fabiyi,A.I. (2005) Assuring Quality Manpower Planning: A Case For Public Schools In Nigeria. Being a Paper Presented At The 29th Annual National Conference,Chinua Achebe New Arts Theatre, University of Calabar,Calabar, Nigeria.