Appropriate infant feeding: a survey of mothers’ practices in Magboro, Ogun state

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Olatona, F.A.
Roberts, AA
Agbeboaye, G.A.
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The practice and transition from exclusive breastfeeding to family foods is a vulnerable period in every child’s life. Poor breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices have been widely documented in the developing countries. Only about 39% of infants in the developing countries, and 25% in Africa are exclusively breastfed for the first six months. Up to 6% of infants in developing countries are never breastfed. The study aims to determine what mothers in Magboro, Ogun state know about infant feeding and its practices. Method: This was a descriptive cross sectional study among one hundred and seventy four mothers of under-five children selected by multistage sampling in Magboro Ogun State. Data were collected about knowledge, attitudes and practices of exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) and complementary infant feeding (CIF), and the sociodemographic correlates using interviewer-administered questionnaires. Data were analysed with Epi info ver 6, results presented as frequencies and associations tested statistically with Chi-square at a significance level of 0.05. Results: Correct knowledge of breastfeeding and complementary feeding was reported by 73.6% and 76.4% of mothers respectively. Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months was done by 29.9% of mothers, 49.4% introduced complementary feeding at 6 months and 24.1% commenced before 6 months. There were statistically significant associations between the age of mothers, monthly household income, and exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months. This study confirms there are a few knowledge gaps concerning exclusive breastfeeding and complementary feeding, however, a significant knowledge-practice gap exists regarding EBF and CIF. The authors recommend that more community-based educational support is introduced. Further research on appropriate channels of health education is needed.
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Infant feeding , mothers of under five , Magboro , Ogun State , complementary infant feeding , exclusive breastfeeding , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE
Roberts AA, Agbeboaye GA, Olatona FA. Appropriate infant feeding: a survey of mothers’ practices in Magboro, Ogun state, Nig. Qt J.Hosp. Med. 2016; 26:387-394