Globalization and the Quest for Development in Nigeria

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Ologbenla, D.K.
Ogunwa, S.A.
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Globalization and development in Nigeria is now more imperative than ever before, if the quest for development in all ramifications is to be achieved holistically. The development anticipated from globalization has turned to be a zero-sum game since the economy of globalization is intended towards consolidating the North hegemony. Developing countries continued to receive the pitfalls of globalization in spite of the fact that the developed and developing worlds should be co-beneficiaries. Also, globalization is subjective and at the same time Eurocentric as it propagates the philosophy of Western ideology housed in the New World Order. The paper is a warning signal for the Nigerian government to put the country in order, so that the wave of globalization which allows multinational corporations to decide the of fate of others through nationalization and internationalization of national properties of the peripheries to those of metropolitan cities who neither reside in the peripheries, but sent agents across the globe to monitoring their investments in and out. The paper argues that Nigeria has been at the receiving end of globalization and in fact globalization is a socio-parasite on the country’s quest for development. For globalization to be relevant in Nigeria and to benefit the majority of the Nigerian peoples, the leaders at all levels of governance should be autochthonous and sensitive before globalization is accepted in all ramifications. The paper concludes that there are benefits to be derived from the globalizing world, if both the givers of globalization and the receivers of globalization can create an atmosphere where political, economic, social, and cultural consensus can be made, so that what becomes ‘A’, that is the Global North becomes ‘B’, that is the Global South and what becomes the Global South becomes the Global North at long run.
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globalization , development , imperialism , Nigeria , economy , global north , global south , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Political science
Ologbenla, D., & Ogunwa, S. A. (2015). Globalization and the quest for development in Nigeria. American Journal of Social Science Research, 1(4), 226-237.