Exploring the use of instructional technology: a survey of academics at two Nigerian Universities

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Alabi, A.O.
Mutula, S.M.
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The article reports empirical research findings on the use of instructional technology among Nigerian academics for effective instructional delivery. Using a quantitative approach, 267 questionnaires were distributed to academics from two purposively selected Nigerian universities in the South West geopolitical zone. A total of 215 questionnaires (80.5%) were returned and found useful for data analysis. The data were analysed with SPSS software to generate both descriptive and inferential statistics. The results indicated that various types of instructional technologies are used by academics for lecture preparation, presentation and communication. The findings also revealed that digital literacy skills and the use of instructional technology were positively related (R = 0.289). The variable digital literacy skills accounted for 7.9 per cent of the total variance in technology use (R2 = 0.079). The result indicates a positive relationship between digital literacy skills and technology. The article concludes that academic libraries, being the nerve centre of the institutions which they serve, should accept responsibility for fostering the extensive use of technology in teaching in the academia. Therefore, librarians should develop and implement initiatives that will help Nigerian academics imbibe such a culture at institutional level.
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Academics , Information and communication technologies , Instructional technology , Nigeria , Technology use , Universities , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Other social sciences::Library and information science
Alabi, A.O. and Mutula, S.M. (2017). Exploring the use of instructional technology: a survey of academics at two Nigerian Universities. Mousaion , 35(4), 1-20.