Influence Of Mentorship-Workshop on Young Female Chemistry Teachers’ for Professional Development and Pedagogical Knowledge

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Okafor, N
Yewande, R.O.
Ajeyalemi, D
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St. Thomas College of Teacher Education, Pala. Kerala, India.
This study has assessed the influence of mentorship-workshop on secondary school female chemistry teachers for professional development and pedagogical knowledge. Three research questions guided the study with a sample of 298 female chemistry teachers in Lagos State. It was a survey method where Interns Professional Support (IPS) and Focus Group Discussions (FGD) were used in data collection. Data were analysed using percentages, mean, standard deviation and correlation coefficient. The results show significant influence of mentorship on interns demographic variable of marital status and age, such that 16.1% of single female below 20 years had tremendous improvement on only pedagogical knowledge with 10.7%; There was significant influence of mentorship on the interns who had working experience below five (5) years (8.1%) on professionalism only. High performance was obtained for both young and old females mentored on correlation of professionalism and pedagogical knowledge. Ten (10) good indices of secondary school chemistry education in Nigeria were outlined by the Focus Groups (FG). The paper suggests e-mentoring training to control direct mentor- gender biases and those old female chemistry teachers should be committed, knowledgeable, emphatic and energetic in providing enabling environment for the younger ones. The paper concludes that chemistry education should attract the best human brains that could translate to best practices for socioeconomic growth but without well trained young female chemistry teachers, certified with proficient knowledge of teaching ethics, the proper development of the school child and the nation’s educational system would be in jeopardy.
Teaching expertly. , Prospective teachers , Mentors , Interns , TRCN , Good indices
Ajeyalemi, D. Okafor. N & Yewande, R. (2015) Influence of mentorship-workshop on young female chemistry teachers’ for professional development and pedagogical knowledge. Educational Extracts. 11(2), 38-46. A Publication of St. Thomas College of Teacher Education, Pala. Kerala, India.