Genetics of lower third molar impaction and its association with height of an individual

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Adeyemo, W.L.
James, O.
Oladega, A.A.
Adamson, O.O.
Olorunsola, K.D.
Butali, A.
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Faculty of Dental Sciences Conference 2017
Aim: To evaluate the relationship between height and presence of impaction of third molars. To also determine the role of genetics in third molar impaction by correlation with candidate genes reported to be associated with height, jaw growth and tooth agenesis. Material and methods: Cases consisted of subjects with third molar impaction; and controls were those without third molar impactions. Height of subjects was measured in metres; and saliva samples were also collected from all subjects. DNA was extracted from saliva samples. Taqman Genotyping using SNPs identified for jaw growth, height and tooth agenesis was employed. A total of 5 candidate genes were investigated using 11 SNPs. We conducted case-control analyses to determine association using PLINK. For this test, we used P < 0.05 to denote significant association. Results: There were 200 cases and 200 controls. The mean height of cases (1.68 0 ±.09 metres) was significantly lower than that of the controls (1.70 ± 0.09 metres) (P=0.04). No difference was found in allele frequency between cases and controls for 10 of the 11 SNPs. However, for rs6504591 the P-value was near significance (P= 0.07) with Odd Ratio of 2.131. Conclusions: Subjects with lower third molar impactions were significantly shorter than those who have fully erupted third molars. The rs6504591 G/T variation on human chromosome 17 (WNT9B gene) appears to increase for impaction albeit with limited power to detect significance. This suggests that with an increase in sample size and adequate power, we will be able to detect significance for this gene. Keywords: Third molars; impactions; height; genetics; WNT9B
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Third molar , Genetics , Height , Saliva samples , Research Subject Categories::ODONTOLOGY
Adeyemo WL, James O, Oladega AA, Adamson OO, Olorunsola KD, Butali A. Genetics of lower third molar impaction and its association with height of an individual.12th Annual Scientific Conference, Faculty of Dental Sciences, College of Medicine University of Lagos. 6th July 2017.