Perceptions of Premarital Genotype Screening among Youths in Ikorodu Local Government, Lagos State2019

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Ademiju, P.U.
Gundu, L.
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Journal of Home Ecomics research
This study focused on perceptions of premarital genotype screening among youths in Ikorodu Local Government Area (LGA), Lagos State. Descriptive survey research design was used. Population is made up of youths in area of study. Sample of 400 (188 males and 202 females) respondents was used. Questionnaire with a reliability coefficient of 0.87 was used for data collection. Data were analysed using frequencies and percentages. Findings, among others, reveal that: 88.5% of the respondents have knowledge of genotype, 97.3.0% knew that genotype is inherited from parents and 99.0% agreed that sickle cell genes (SS) are inherited from parents. Also, 91.0% of respondents agreed that genotype screening before marriage is necessary, 93.0% indicated that their fiance/fiancee must be screened before marriage, and 98.0% stated that screening before marriage will prevent sickle cell disease. It is recommended among others that government and religious institutions should make premarital genotype screening/testing compulsory; genotype and other related hereditary issues should be built into school curriculum.
Premarital , Screening , Genotype , Sickle Cell , Youth
Ademiju, P.U. & Gundu. L. (2019). Perceptions of Premarital Genotype Screening among Youths in Ikorodu Local Government,Lagos State. Journal of Home Ecomics research. 26(2). 119-127.