Laudation in Mournful Observance.

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Ohwovoriole, F.E.
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This study examines eulogistic aspects of dirges of the Urhobo. The people are found in Niger Delta Province of Nigeria. The praise poem is well developed among many African societies unlike in Urhobo where it is not notably developed. However, it appears to be evolved alongside funeral ceremonies. Eulogy is performed to extol the heroic or noble deeds of a deceased. It deals with his or her outstanding characteristics. It is not only a catalogue of conventional attributes,' it gives an insight into the social cultural experiences of the community of the subject. Through its constituent elements the praise poem fuses imaginative inventiveness with historicity. In various: guises eulogy has lIO rigid metrical scheme but it has a poetical language organised so as to create impressions and fulfil functions of poetic rhythm. Urhobo dirges, as shown in this study concentrate more on the complimentary elements of oral poetry. The theoretical framework of this study hinges on the sociology of art forms as developed by Malinowski who articulates a socio-functionalist view of oral literary forms. He stresses that literary creations are not entirely for pure aesthetic entertainment,' rather they have a great role in the social organization and style of the people.
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Eulogy , Dirges
Ohwovoriole,F. (2008) Laudation in Mournful Observance.Abibisem Journal Of African Culture And Civilization,based in the Department of History, University of Cape Coast, Ghana.Vol.1.