An Evaluation Of Research reporting Acitvties Of Business Students.

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Ajibolade, S.O.
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Preparing students for future career as managers or academics requires that they acquire necessary research skills. This study investigates the extent to which business undergraduate students are acquiring appropriate research skills, by focusing on an important but relegated aspect of research activities: referencing in research reports. The study is based on a content analysis of a quota sample of 500 students' research projects and an analysis of questionnaire responses of 250 final year undergraduate students in a business faculty of a Nigerian university. The study finds that standard procedures for citation were not adopted by a large percentage (71.2%) of project reports examined. Results also indicate a lack of adequate knowledge of citation procedures, standard methods of referencing, importance of the requirement and the implications of plagiarism. The study suggests more attention be paid to this aspect of training. Students need to be more informed about proper rules of referencing, and for greater effectiveness, business faculties/schools and even the universities may need to formulate their own standards for presentation of references. A choice may be made of one or two major referencing styles to be adopted consistently in students' project report presentation.
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Research Report , Students
Ajibolade,S.O. (2007) An Evaluation Of Research reporting Acitvties Of Business Students. Global Journal Of Accounting, The Department Of Accounting, University Of Lagos, Akoka,Lagos. Vol. 2, (1), p. 133 - 162.,