Religiousness and Business Ethical Behaviour of SMEs Owner- Managers in Nigeria: An Empirical Investigation

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Olayiwola, P.O.
Sulaimon, P.O.
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The study examines the extent to which religiousness affect business ethical behaviour of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) owner-managers in Nigeria. The main objective of the study is to investigate the extent to which religiousness affect business ethical behaviours of SMEs owner-managers in Nigeria. The survey research design was used in this study to gather the data used. The primary source of data was used, 144 copies of structured questionnaire were retrieved out of 200 copies administered to the SMEs owner-managers to elicit responses relating to the level of their religiousness measured from three dimensions (involvement, influence and hope) and organisational business ethical behaviour also measured from three dimensions (economic consideration, relationship with employees and relationship with suppliers and contractors). Mean and spearman rho correlations were the analytical tools used to assess the responses and test hypotheses. Results showed a weak significant relationship between religious influence and employees' relationship, while no significant relationship was found among other variables. The mean responses showed extremely high involvement in religious influence and hope. Results also revealed a moderate mean score for all the three dimensions of organisational business ethical behaviour. Based on these results we conclude that religiousness does not determine business ethical behaviour of the owner-managers. The implications of findings are that, religious teachings do not reflect in day-to-day activities of the SMEs' owner-managers, hence religious leaders need to do more to ensure members adhere strictly to religious teachings. The study recommends that society should look beyond religion in order to promote appropriate business ethical environment and government should strengthen the various regulatory institutions established to maintain a safer business environment
Religiousness , Religious Involvement , Religious Hope , Ethical Behaviour , Owner- managers , Small and Medium Enterprises , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Business and economics::Business studies
Olayiwola, P.O. and Sulaimon, A.A. (2016). Religiousness and Business Ethical Behaviour of SMEs Owner- Managers in Nigeria: An Empirical Investigation. Abuja Journal of Business and Management 2, 5 [1-11]