Analysis of Locally produced Soap using Sheabutter Oil (SBO) Blended with PalmKernel Oil (PKO)

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Eke, U.B.
Dosumu, O.O.
Oladipo, E.
Agunbiade, F.O.
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Nigeria Journal of Science
Elevendifferentblends of sheabutter oil (SBO) and palin kernel oil (PKO) were employedin soap production. The 150:350 blend gave best soap judging by TFM while the 350: 150 blend gave a better soap than the former in terms of foam stability. The saponification values of the oils 173.30 (SBO) and 249.18 (PKO), and the iodine values 65.04 (SBO) and 18.58 (PKO) agreed with those found in literature. The unsaponified matter, free fatty acid (FFA) and acid value were found to be 1.23%. 1.713 and 3.60 for PKO and for SBO the corresponding values were 3.60%. 5.4'19 and 11.76 respectively. The results showed that PKO is a purer oil than SBO.
saponification , iodinevalue , free fatty acid
Eke, U. B., Dosumu, O. O., Oladipo, E., & Agunbiade, F. O. (2004). Analysis of Locally Produced Soap Using Sheabutter oil (SBO) Blended with Palm-Kernel Oil (PKO). Nigerian Journal of Science, 38, 19-24.