An Investigation of Classroom Interaction Patterns of Preschool Children in Nigeria

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Komolafe, A.T.
Babajide, V.F.T.
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The study investigated the interaction pattern between Preschool teachers and their pupils during classroom teaching learning activities in language and science lessons. Preschool children's patterns of interactions with the content, learning materials, teacher and themselves no doubt determine to a large extent school success. The study adopted an action research design. The sample consisted of preschool children of intact classes in twelve preschool institutions in urban and rural areas selected through purposive stratified random sampling. Three instruments were used in data collection namely classroom interaction sheet (CIS) which includes the type of curriculum, textbooks, number of lessons per week, evaluation procedure, number ofchildren in each class, evaluation procedure used in language and science lessons. Forty minutes' interaction instrument (TMI) to record interaction patterns during the teaching of language and science subjects and photograph. Seven research questions guided the study. Data collected were presented descriptively using descriptive statistics. The study lasted for a period of three months. The result shows that teachers were not using the same curriculum, text books and instructional materials. Play way method of teaching was frequently used. Assessment technique was based on asking questions only in the cognitive domain, the classroom environment is conducive for learning and the interaction pattern in the classroom was teacher-pupil interaction. Independent variable made a contribution of 98.9%. Based on these results, recommendation was provided.
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Classroom , Interaction , Pattern , Pre – schools children , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Komolafe, A.T. Babajide, V.F.T. (2020). An Investigation of Classroom Interaction Patterns of Preschool Children in Nigeria: A Case Study of Selected Preschools in Lagos and Ogun States Nigeria. International Journal of Innovative Research in Education, Technology & Social Strategies, 7(1), 11-250p.