Prevalence of self reported hypersensitive teeth among a group of Nigerian undergraduate students

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Oderinu, OH
Savage, KO
Uti, OG
Adegbulugbe, IC
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Niger Postgrad Med J
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To determine the prevalence of self reported hypersensitive teeth and relate this to the frequency and quantity of consumed carbonated drinks among a group on Nigerian dental and medical undergraduate students and the management of the condition by the students. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Self administered questionnaire was used to collect information on demography, consumption of carbonated drinks, hypersensitivity of teeth and its management from students. Students were chosen using stratified sampling method. Each level of study was taken as a stratum and students were then chosen from each stratum by systematic sampling. RESULTS: A total of 387 questionnaires were returned. Hypersensitivity of teeth was reported by 33.8% while 52.7% of them were bothered about the condition, half (50.0%) of those bothered by the condition had done nothing about it. About a third (29.7%) of the respondents, (16.3% consumed once daily and 13.4% consumed 2/more times daily) consumed carbonated drink at least once a day. A great majority (77.0%, 17.2%) either consumed 1-2 bottles (35cl/bottle) or 1-2(30cl/glass) of carbonated drinks per day respectively. Tooth sensitivity occurred more commonly among students who consumed carbonated drinks most frequently (i.e. 2 or more times a day) but there was no significant statistical association between frequency and quality of carbonated drink consumption and self-reported dentine hypersensitivity. (p>0.05) CONCLUSION: Hypersensitivity of teeth was common among the students studied but request for treatment was poor. There is need for increased public awareness on prevention and management of common dental conditions.
Frequency , Carbonated Drinks , Hypersensitivity
Oderinu, O. H., Savage, K. O., Uti, O. G., & Adegbulugbe, I. C. (2011). Prevalence of self-reported hypersensitive teeth among a group of Nigerian undergraduate students. The Nigerian postgraduate medical journal, 18(3), 205-209.