Assessment of Self-Concept in Nigerian Children Using an Indigenous Children's Self-Concept Scale

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Ojo, A
Akinsola, E
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Assessing self-concept in children has been a concern of developmental psychologists in different parts of the world. Most of the existing measures for assessing children's self-concept were constructed in the Western world, and as such there was a need to develop one for measuring the self-concept of Nigerian children. The present study therefore focused on developing and standardizing a self-concept scale for use with children and early adolescents in the Nigerian population. Participants were 678 (336 female, 339 male) children aged 7 to 13 years. They responded to the Nigerian Children's Self-Concept Scale (NCSCS) which is being developed as well as the Pier-Harris Children's Self-Concept Scale in order to compare the two scales. Results obtained revealed that NCSCS has the following reliability coefficients: Cronbach Alpha of .56, Guttman split-half of .50, Spearman Brown split-half of .51, and test-retest of .56 (p<0.01). When correlated with the Piers-Harris Children's Self-Concept Scale (PHCSCS), a concurrent validity coefficient of .34 (p<0.01) was obtained. Further, the results revealed variations in the conceptualization of the self within the age groups and genders. The obtained results were discussed within the context of existing theories about self-concept development in children.
Self-concept , Children , Nigerian children , Adolescents
OJO, A. and AKINSOLA E. (2012). Assessment of self-concept in Nigerian Children using an indigenous children self-Concept scale. Expert Notes on Psychological Assessment. Ife Pschologia Compendium 1 pp 66-77