Any Relationship Between Music and Mathematics/Visual Arts?

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Nweke, F.E.
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International Journal of Integrative Humanism
The understanding that a relationship exists between music and other artistic and scientific disciplines arouses particular interest; this curiosity led to the investigation in this study within the University of Lagos, Nigeria. The University has both the department of creative Arts comprising of music and visual arts, as well as the department of mathematics. In one of such classes of music psychology, the researcher asked students studying music if they love mathematics. The response, of course, was in the negative. This gave a kind of clue to finding out if the students of mathematics equally would love music. Without having a hasty generalization, the study decides to ask the questions from mathematics students in 300 and 400 level department of mathematics, university of Lagos. The study highlights the positive and negative influence music has had on the selected students who were available for the study, finding out also the role music had played in achieving a giant stride in these two disciplines. The study further finds out that, those who were not involved in music either as a band member or as a singer or an orchestra member succinctly disagree that a correlation exists between music and mathematics/visual arts. The study collates the statistics of those who agrees and disagrees that a relationship exists between music and visual arts. These procedures, not documented in the University of Lagos, Nigeria. Hence, the reason for this study.10 (33.3%) of respondents affirms the relationship between music and visuals arts/mathematics. 20 (66.7%) of respondents believed there is no significant relationship between music and visual arts/ mathematics. But, 13 (43.3%) of the respondents agreed that listening to music brings out the best in them towards creating a work of art and solving mathematical problems. The study implies that one's love for music develops better at an early stage of one's life. Hence, parents should endeavor to expose their children to music at an early age, to harness the potentials that are inherent in music
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Music , Mathematics , Visual arts , Ability , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Aesthetic subjects
Nweke, F.E. (2021). Any Relationship Between Music and Mathematics/Visual Arts? Ghana. International Journal of Integrative Humanism.