Adult Education in Nigeria: An Analytical Bibliography

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Oyesola, O.M
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University of Lagos
Adult education is conceived as any activity that seeks to bring about improvements in the perceptual, intellectual, attitudinal and physical outlook of any adult and makes him or her function more effectively, economically, politically and socially. The role of adult education is to help people acquire the knowledge and skills which are necessary for improvement of their living standards and to be concerned actively with the economic and social development of their community. The lack of awareness of the existing literature, fewness and lack of reading materials on some aspects of adult education in Nigeria are identified as part of the problems of adult education development in Nigeria. Some of the weaknesses of the Nigerian educational system, which can be remedied through adult education, are listed. This includes, provisions for (1) the drop-outs from schools, (2) those who finished the primary school education and there are not enough secondary schools for them, (3) those who cannot find job, and so on. The study set out to investigate the specific areas in which there are adequate and/or inadequate sources of literature on adult education in Nigeria. Some published bibliographies with similar characteristics like this work were reviewed. The method employed in carrying out this study includes (1) Visits to libraries to identify books, journals, and other materials relevant to this study and to physically handle them. (2) Interviews and discussions with some adult educators, planners, practitioners and theoreticians of adult education in Nigeria. As a means of awareness and finding list, a systematic bibliography of the existing literatures on adult education in Nigeria was compiled from the data collected during this study. Books and journal articles are listed under various subject headings. Theses and dissertations, reports, official publications and conference papers on adult education in Nigeria are listed as "Miscellaneous Publications.' In the discussions about the findings of this study, it is revealed that it is impossible to have enough literature on any given subject, and that the more books learners are exposed to, the better. This study reveals that aspects of adult education in Nigeria that are well covered include, Community development, literacy education, Design of programmes, Workers and Vocational education. Those that are inadequately covered are philosophy, sociology of adult education, History of adult education, Lifelong education, Correspondence education, Rural and extension education. Other aspects of adult education that are really lacking and need urgent attention are: Methods of programme design, Psychology, Research in adult education, Mass media, Visual aids, face to face approach and supporting institutions to adult education. Index to the items listed is provided. It is suggested that researchers and adult educators are encouraged to publish more books and journal articles in the areas not adequately covered on adult education in Nigeria. Other areas should not be neglected since there is need to up-date information from time to time.
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Oyesola, O.M (1988)Adult Education in Nigeria: An Analytical Bibliography.University of Lagos School of Postgraduate Studies Phd Adult Education Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts, 320p.