Needs and Sources of Information in the Treatment and Management of Breast Cancer in Lagos State Nigeria

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Zaid, Y.A
Egberongbe, H.S
Adekanye, E.A.
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The purpose of this study was to examine the needs and sources of information women with breast cancer found helpful during the treatment procedure. The target population consists of women living in Lagos State who were in the process of breast cancer treatment. A self-administered questionnaire was used to collect data from a purposive sample of 125 women who had been diagnosed and were undergoing treatment in a teaching hospital in Lagos State. Nigeria. Descriptive analysis was used to represent information needs. information sources utilized and helpfulness of the information sources. The result shows that the women expressed a great need for almost all types of information but those with higher levels of education indicated a greater need to know the reasons that their doctors had for suggesting treatments. The data indicated that personal doctors. oncologists. family and friends. mass media and leaflets and brochure were important information sources utilized by respondents; but the major sources of information respondents found very helpful were personal doctors. oncologists, family and friends. The paper concludes with a suggestion for a proactive stance by health sciences librarians and librarians in public libraries in disseminating information to Nigerian women about breast cancer. This could be achieved by guiding them to easily readable. authoritative. and reliable information sources. including local demonstrations on treatment options available. The implications of the findings are discussed and recommendations offered.
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Information Needs , Breast Cancer , Women , Nigeria
Zaid, Y.A, Egberongbe, H.S and Adekanye, A.E (2014) Needs and Sources of Information in the Treatment and Management of Breast Cancer in Lagos State Nigeria. Information Development 32(2)