Determination of the concentrations of zinc and vitamin C in oysters and some medicinal plants used to correct male factor infertility

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Ogunlesi, M.
Okiei, W.O.
Ofor, E.
Awonuga, O.
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Journal of Natural Products
Zinc and vitamin C have been found to be essential for male factor fertility. In this study we report the concentrations of zinc and vitamin C in several plants which are being used in herbal medicine to correct male factor infertility. Some of these, namely, Momordica charantia, Newbouldea laevis (leaves) and Rauvolfia vomitoria (leaves) were found to have high concentrations of both zinc and vitamin C which indicate that there is a scientific basis for their use in correcting male factor infertility. The other plants studied were found to be rich in either zinc or vitamin C. Some of the plants may promote fertility by treating some underlying diseases such as cancer which may impair fertility.
zinc , Vitamin C , profertility plant , oysters , Male factor infertility , Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Chemistry::Analytical chemistry