Histopathological Report of Colorectal Carcinoma Resections-A 5-year Audit in Lagos

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Badmos, KB
Rotimi, Olorunda
Lawal, AO
Osinowo, AO
Habeeb, MYM
Abdulkareem, FB
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Nigerian Postgraduate Medical Journal
Background: Complete and accurate pathology reporting of colorectal carcinoma (CRC) resection specimen is critical to clinical management of individual patients. The study aims to audit colorectal cancer histopathology reporting in Lagos between 2011 and 2015 before the adoption of the Society for Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Nigeria pro forma in 2016. Materials and methods: All resected CRC cases were identified from the Histopathology record of our Department and that of a private Laboratory in Lagos over a 5-year from 2011 to 2015. The dataset as contained in the pro forma was extracted from the reports and analysed using SPSS version 16 software. Results: A total of 92 colorectal resections were received during the 5-year period consisting of 90 colonic and 2 rectal tumours. Data inclusiveness on tumour differentiation, extent of primary tumour, total lymph node and lymph node involvement were 96.7%, 91.3%, 83.7% and 92.4%, respectively. Tumour perforation, level of venous involvement and distant metastasis were reported in 73.9%, 21.7% and 96.7% respectively. The circumferential resection margin (CRM) in the 2 rectal tumours had 100% inclusiveness. Tumour node metastasis staging was complete in 87% of cases while Dukes staging was documented in 8.7% of the reports. Conclusion: None of the data items was 100% complete except the CRM for rectal carcinoma. Free text reporting results in incomplete data resulting in improper staging, especially the lymph node status. This highlights the need for pro forma reporting to ensure and maintain consistent reporting of important parameters required for proper staging and management of patients with colorectal cancer.
Audit; colorectal cancer; histopathology; pro forma; staging.
Niger Postgrad Med J. Jan-Mar 2018;25(1):32-36.