Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Career Aspirations of Students in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions.

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Owualah, S.I.
Mojekwu, J.N.
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The paper attempts to investigate the issues about which students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria are most concerned as influencing their entrepreneurial career aspirations and how their institutions have influenced them. Also it aims at determining whether students in engineering and science disciplines perceive themselves to be having the same concerns about entrepreneurship as their business management counterparts. Two structured questionnaires were administered; one for students in business, engineering and science faculties/schools and another for their deans and heads in six selected tertiary institutions. The most critical factors likely to influence entrepreneurial career among students as well as the teaching of entrepreneurship were identified and rank ordered in terms of importance.Spearman's rho was later applied to ascertain overall agreement on faculty/school basis. Mean scores were estimated determine the extent of each set of respondents' agreement or disagreement with the influence of courses offered on entrepreneurship career aspirations. Academic curriculum, intrinsic rewards, skill/training, government/institutional support, role model influence, funding, job availability, risk of unemployment and possession of business ideas were important factors analysed as likely to influence students' entrepreneurial career aspirations after graduation. The results of this study are important for policy making in order to increase interest in entrepreneurship among prospective graduates of Nigerian tertiary institutions and to ensure the longterm and sustained supply of entrepreneurs. Tertiary institutions have an important role to play in preparing their graduates to be prospective entrepreneurs instead of job seekers.
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Tertiary Institutions. , Entrepreneurial Career
Owualah,S.I. and Mojekwu,J.N.(2010) Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Career Aspirations of Students in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions.Journal of the Management Sciences, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria. Vol.10,(2), p.37-47.