Proximate, Amino acids and Mineral composition of Turkey-hen muscle and skin.

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Adeyeye, E.I
Ayejuyo, O.O
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Oriental Journal of Chemistry
The muscle and skin were analysed for proximate, amino acid and mineral in matured female turkey (turkey-hen (Meleagris gallopavo L.), The proximate values were high (g/100g dry weight): in organic matter, 99, 16-99.22; protein, 536-735; energy, 13298– 13742kJ/100g. Fatty acid and crude fat were better concentrated in the skin. The range of gross energy contribution by protein was 66.3-94.0% whereas it was 59-32.6% by fat and 1.1-1.2% by carbohydrate. Utilizable energy due to protein was 398-56.4% showing turkey would prevent protein-energy malnutrition. The samples were good sources of Na, K, Fe and Mg, but all better in the muscle than the skin. The samples were very good sources of essential amino acids having the required levels for ala ages from pre-school children (2-5 years): In both muscles and skin, the amino acids in that category were; ile, Met + cys; in addition, the muscle would satisfy such ages in Lys and Thr. Try was not determined. The lowest essential amino acid score was 0.85 (Fle) in muscles and 0.60 (Thr) in the skin. The F-test results showed that only the total non-essential amino acids/total essential amino acids were significantly different at p<0.05 in the muscle as well as in the skin.
Turkey-hen , Proximate , Amino acid , Mineral , Composition
EI, A., & Ayejuyo, O. O. (2007). Proximate, amino acid and mineral composition of turkey-hen muscle and skin. Oriental Journal of Chemistry, 23(3), 879-886.