Hepatic Metastasis in a Nigerian with Differentiate d Thyroid Cancer- An Uncommon Presentation: Case Report

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Adeleye, O
Oluyemi, A
Habeeb, M
Adeyomoye, Adekunle
Abdulkareem, FB
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Journal of Cancer and Tumor International
The papillary and follicular histological sub-types o f thyroid cancer are referred to as differentiated thyroid cancers. When these tumors metastasize, they ra rely do so to the liver. Hepatic metastasis is very uncommon in this group of cancers and has only been reported in a handful of cases. We present one such case in a Nigerian patient and note it s unique presentation and with it, we highlight the need for careful attention to be paid to clinical and investigation findings when attempts are being made to arrive at a definitive diagnosis i n cases of suspected primary liver cell cancers which are common in this part of the world.
Follicular thyroid cancer; differentiated t hyroid cancer; hepatic metastasis.
Journal of Cancer and Tumor International 2(4): 206-209, 2015, Article no.JCTI.2015.020 ISSN: 2454-7360