Preparation for and Adjustment During retirement: a Study of Retired Persons in Lagos State

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Chukwuneke, F.O
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University of Lagos
This study set out to investigate the effect of preparation for retirement on the degree of satisfaction with which retired people adjust to retirement life. The survey method is used. The population consists of all retired persons residing in the urban and sub-urban areas of Lagos State as at 31st March, 1988. Four hundred and fifty-eight (458) retired persons receiving their pensions in seven (five urban; two sub-urban) pensions paying centres in Lagos State between April and August, 1988 participated in the study. A questionnaire which collected data on the biography of respondents, degree of social integration, preparation and degree of adjustment was used for gathering data. Percentages, chi-square test of significance and Multiple Regression Analysis were used to analyse the data collected. The result indicate that poor income during retirement, limited number of social activities and inadequate preparation hamper satisfactory adjustment to retirement. The researcher recommends actions that would lessen economic dependence on the extended family unit, improve the level of income available to the retiree in retirement, aid in the creative utilisation of free time and improve the level of awareness of retirement matters among the government, employers of labour and retiring workers. The recommendations include: 1. Benefits, wages and price levels should be indexed against inflationary effects. 2. Employers should be persuaded to design jobs and arrange work places which take account of the situation of the elderly and provide flexible hours and part-time arrangements for those elderly persons who wish to work beyond mandatory retirement age. 3. Recreational centres, clubs and gymnasiums for the elderly should be built at strategic places. 4. The retired persons should be encouraged to participate in community development programmes. 5. Government should provide some working guidelines in the form of policy decisions to direct the design by adult educators of programmes for pre-retirement education. 6. The Nigerian adult educators should use the mass media and other media in the community, such as occupational groups to raise the level of people's awareness of the need for retirement education. 7. A cabinet - level office for solely the affairs of the elderly should be created to aid in planning, monitoring and delivering service programmes for the elderly. 8. The Department of Ageing in the Ministry of Social Development, Youth, Sports and Culture should be manned by gerontologists, adult educators, geriatrists and social scientists to direct research in medical, social and educational gerontology.
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Retirement life , Study of Retired Persons
Chukwuneke, F.O (1990) Preparation for and Adjustment During retirement: a Study of Retired Persons in Lagos State. University of Lagos School of Postgraduate Studies Phd Adult Education Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts ,251p.