Education, Social Change and Social Mobility in Nigeria

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Emeri, P.N
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Association of Sociologists of Education of Nigeria, ASEN.
The human society is evolutionary, from primitive to the modern and no nation wants to be left behind. The 21st century has brought a lot of complexities and sophistication into the human society as records are broken with new standards set while change remains the only constant factor. Navigating the daily societal demands, individuals are pushed up and down the social hierarchy with varying outcomes. This book chapter examined the role of education in social change and social mobility in Nigeria. It provided the conceptual clarifications of the key concepts. The dimensions, agents and agencies of social change were identified and duly discussed with the interphase of education and social change also explored. Furthermore, it delved into social mobility, its types and influencing factors. The chapter concluded that education is a powerful instrument of social change and critical to upward social mobility of members of the society needed to bring about social changes. It was recommended that the government and all stakeholders in education should jointly work to promote education in Nigeria. All impediments to educational access and retention should be removed. The government should increase budgetary allocation to the education sector. Also, schools should be adequately secured to keep learners and teachers safe
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Education , Social change , Social mobility , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Emeri,P.N.(2021). Education, Social Change and Social Mobility in Nigeria. In M. Sule, T. Edun, S.Dosunmu & A.A. Oni (Eds.) Whither Nigerian Education? Sociologists’ Random Thoughts. Lagos: Association of Sociologists of Education of Nigeria, ASEN