Empowerment of Women: The Islamic Perspective

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Bidmos, M .A
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It has been observed in this paper that the empowerment programmes have left women powerless dwe to the fact that such programmes have been wrongly focused on manifes~ations leaveing the real problem waxiftg stronger and stronger. The paper attributes the real prOblem i.e. discrimination against women which is psychological in nature to the misconception of women's status and duties in the society the phenomenon which the paper blames on both men and women. But it sounds ironical that women too are partially responsible for their predicament. Following a critical textual study of the Qur'an, the paper finds the Islamic approach adequate to tackle the problem. The major recommendation that emerges from the Islamic approach is the thorough re-orentation of both men and women on gender issue since both of them are guilty of misconception of women's roles in a harmonious living condition.
Conference Paper
Education , Empowerment Programmes
Bidmos, M. A (1999) Empowerment of Women: The Islamic Perspective Being a paper presented at the First National conference on Women Education And National Development held At The Conference centre, University Of Lagos, AkoKa - Yaba.