Anaerobic threshold status of university of Lagos basket ball players

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Otinwa, G.O.
Adeyanju, B.
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The study focusec on the anaerobic threshold status of University of Lagos Basketball players. A total of forty (40) randomly selected basketball players in University of Lagos who participated in WAUG and inter tertiary games (Lagos, 2010) comprised participants for this study. Data collected was subjected to descriptive statistics (mean, SD and Ranee) and Pearson's Moment Correlation Coefficient (r) was used to determine the significant relationship. The level of significance was set at 0.95 Result of this study revealed a non-significant relationship (r = -0.05 between anaerobic power and vertical jump test of female basketball players. The study further revealed a moderate positive correlation found between aerobic and anaerobic power (r= 0.418) of basketball players. A mean HR value of 56bpm was obtained for basketball players. The mean Body Mass Index of male basketball players (27) was found not to be within range of competitive athletes which placed them under over weight on the norm table of BMI. The female players were found to fall under healthy category of mean Body Mass Index (BMI) which made them fall within the range for competitive athletes. It was found that the Vo2max, resting systolic blood pressure, resting diastolic blood pressure, resting heart rate, exercise heart rate & recovery heart rate of basketball players' fell within the range for competitive athletes. The study concluded in line with the above findings based on the conclusion. It was recommended among other things that anaerobic power outputs of different field tests should be carried out periodically to enhance performance improvement
Grace O. & Adeyanju B. (2011) Anaerobic threshold status of university of Lagos basket ball players