A causal model of some selected teacher;s variables on senior secondary school 11 mathematics achievement

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Alade, O.M.
Nwadinigwe, I.P.
Igbinosa, V.O.
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Department of Counselling Psychology Tai Solarin University of Education
There has been persistent poor performance of students in Mathematics at both junior and Senior secondary school levels of education. The results of the WestAfrican School Certificate Evaluationsfrom 2006-2015 portrayed poor performance in Mathematics. There could be some factors surrounding the students which may be affecting their academic performance in school. The study investigated a causal relationship of some teacher variables like teachers' gender; age, qualification, leadership style, methodology, assessment techniques and students' academic achievement. An ex-post facto design was adopted for the study with the population comprising all Senior Secondary School Two (SSI!) students and their Mathematics teachers Edo State, Nigeria. Three Local Government Areas were randomly selectedfrom each of tie three Senatorial Educational Districts in Edo State. This gave rise to nine (9) local government areas. From each of the selected Local Government Areas 10 Secondary Schools were randomly selected to give 90 participating secondary schools. This gave 90 teachers • Mathematics from the 90 participating secondary schools, 10 students comprising (5male) and (5 female) were selected using the simple random sampling technique among the Senior Secondary School II students making a total of900 students. Two sets of instrument are usedfor data collection; these were, Teacher Variables Instrument (TV!) and Students ahievement Test in Mathematics (SATM). The reliability and content validity coefficients "these instruments were established using CronbachAlpha and Lawshe method respectively e coefficients were r = 0.79 and O. 75 (TV1) and r = 0.75 and O. 77 (SATM) respectively
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Teacher Variables , Teachers' Methodology , Teachers' Assessment Techniques , Teachers' Leadership Styles , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Alade, O.M; Nwadinigwe, I.P,& Igbinosa, V.O. (2016). A causal model of some selected teacher;s variables on senior secondary school 11 mathematics achievement. Academic Journal of Counselling and Educational Psychology, 2 , 1-20.