Evaluation of the water supply and quality in Akoko North East LGA of Ondo State, Nigeria

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Ayeni, A.O.
Soneye, A.S.O.
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Department of Geography, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria
More than halve of Nigeria populace have access to improved water sources. The specific proportions vary according to geographical locations, physical conditions of the environment and socio-demographic characteristics. Akoko North East of Ondo State suffers inaccessibility to water both in quantity and quality. This paper examines the sources and quality of water supply in the LGA. It is based on an evaluation of the existing framework on water supply and sanitation. Field studies and measurements as well as socio-economic surveys were carried out between 2007and 2009.In spite of the main policy thrusts and programmes on borehole water supply, it was revealed that the main sources of potable water in the LGA remained natural ponds, rain water, shallow-dug wells, streams and vendors. A population of 5,315 was established to be dependent on each borehole. About 70% of the facilities were not functioning due to technical and management problems. The level of coliform in the water call for urgent attention.
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Water , Information , Households , Nigeria , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Soneye A. S. O. and A. O. Ayeni (2017). Evaluation of the water supply and quality in Akoko North East LGA of Ondo State, Nigeria. Environmental Issues, 7 (1): 87 – 93