Flow Field and Reynolds Stress Distribution of Low Turbulence Natural Convection in a Triangular Cavity

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Talabi, S.O.
Olunloyo, V.O.S.
Kamiyo, O.M.
Collins, M.W.
Karayiannis, T.G.
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Begell House Incorporated
Triangular enclosures are typical configurations found in attic spaces of residential as well as industrial pitched-roof buildings. Previous studies on airflow within such spaces have focused on the laminar range. A numerical study has been carried out for time-dependent, two-dimensional low turbulence natural convection of air contained in the attic of a pitched roof of triangular cross-section. Two sets of boundary conditions have been considered: enclosure heated from the inclined walls and from the horizontal base wall, for aspect ratios (AR) of 0.33 ≤ AR ≤ 1.73 for Rayleigh number (Ra), 109 ≤ Ra ≤ 1011. In this paper, the flow field and Reynolds stress distribution are presented for the isothermal and isoflux cases.
This paper is the first in turbulence natural convection in triangular cavity up to Rayleigh number of 10^11 .
low turbulence, triangular cavity, natural convection
Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer, Hanjalic, K., Nagano, Y. and Jakirlic, S. (eds.), Dubrovnik, Croatia, pp.511-514