Titanite-Ilmenite Assemblage in Granodiorite of Wasimi, Southwestern Nigeria

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Oziegbe, E. J.
Oziegbe, O.
Kayode, O. T.
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Development Journal of Science and Technology Research (DJOSTER)
Mineral assemblage observed is amphibole + biotite + plagioclase + quartz + titanite + ilmenite + apatite. Titanite occur as anhedral grains interstitial between biotite and plagioclase feldspars, intergrown with amphibole (or as inclusion) and biotite (or replacing it). Also, anhedral titanite forms reaction rim around ilmenite. Amphiboles have sieve textures with inclusions of plagioclase, titanite, ilmenite and quartz. In addition, amphibole forms reaction rim around biotite, plagioclase and quartz. Two sets of plagioclase were identified, Plagioclase 1 occur as inclusion in biotite and amphibole, while Plagioclase 2 mantles both amphibole and biotite. Anhedral quartz occur as interstitial grains in contact with amphibole and plagioclase, and in some cases mantles plagioclase feldspar. Textural observations made on the rock strongly suggest that Plagioclase 1 could have supplied Ca, while ilmenite loses its FeO to the formation of titanite rims and subsequent formation of biotite. Biotite could have taken K2O and FeO and Plagioclase 2 enriched in albitic component. The reaction rim of amphibole on most of the other minerals is an indication that amphibole formed in the late stage of crystallization.
Scholarly article
Oziegbe, E. J., Oziegbe, O. and Kayode, O. T. (2023): Titanite-Ilmenite Assemblage in Granodiorite of Wasimi, Southwestern Nigeria. Development Journal of Science and Technology Research, Volume 12, Number 1, pp. 15-28.