Manufacturing Sector Transformation: A Conceptual Green Growth Strategy Model

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Babatunde, A
Akinwande, A
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University of Lagos Press and Bookshop Ltd
The global economy continues to face complex environmental challenges and resolute policy strategy is needed to restore confidence and put the economic recovery onto a sustainable growth path. A subdued economic outlook underscores the need for emerging economies to advance their structural reform agenda to achieve the shared objective of strong, sustainable and balanced growth. To ensure that growth is sustainable over the long-term, the greening the manufacturing sector is paramount as it accounts for the second largest sources of green house effects after gas flaring in the oil and gas sector of most oil dependent economies. The accelerating rate of carbon dioxide (C02) emission, other environmental pollution's emanating from manufacturing activities, and the need for government to transform the manufacturing sector towards the long-run green growth path necessitated this paper. A conceptual green growth strategy model is provided for policy makers, concerned government and specialised agencies as a blue-print and policy formulation guide tool in attaining sustainable green growth in the manufacturing sector.
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Manufacturing Sector , Green Growth , Growth Strategy , Environmental Issues , Emerging Economies , Green Growth Model.
Babatunde, A, Akinwande, A (2016), Manufacturing Sector Transformation: A Conceptual Green Growth Strategy Model. Nigeria's Industrial Development, Corporate Governance and Public Policy, p. 241-252