Systematic treatment and conservation of Loganiaceae in West Africa

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Oduoye, O.T.
Ogundipe, O.T.
Olowokudejo, J.D.
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Society for Science and Nature
Loganiaceae is a family of trees, shrubs and tendril-bearing liana with 13 genera and about 350 species distributed mainly in the tropics, subtropics and a few in temperate regions of the world but has undergone numerous revisions that have expanded and contracted its circumscription. Herbaria studies preceded the collections made in several extant forests and National Parks in some countries of West Africa. Four gene regions from nuclear and chloroplast origin were amplified but three were sequenced at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, London. The study revealed that Loganiaceae is composed of 3 genera: Spigelia, Strychnos and Usteria with 39 species in West Africa as opposed to the 6 genera originally circumscribed in the family. Two new species: Strychnos tomentosa and Strychnos sp. (species nova - P01860082) are described in West Africa for the first time in this work.
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Loganiaceae , Taxonomy , West Africa , species , Strychnos , Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES
Oduoye, O. T., Ogundipe, O. T. and Olowokudejo, J. D. (2013). Systematic treatment and conservation of Loganiaceae in West Africa. International Journal of Science and Nature, Vol. 4(3): 512-520pp.