Sexuality and Dating Experience Among Youths in Ibadan,Nigeria

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Adewale, A.A
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Ebonyi University Press Abakaliki
The scope of sexual behaviour has extended beyond reproduction in Nigeria. This situation promotes pre-marital sex and youths’ susceptibility to sexuality-based social problems. Yet despite its importance, there is paucity of data on sexuality education in Nigeria. This paper examines sexuality and dating experience among youths in Ibadan, Nigeria, using a structured questionnaire and in-depth interviews. The discourse was situated within the ambit of Weber’s Social Action Theory. A three-stage stratified random sampling technique was used to select 400 respondents from the study area. The findings revealed a general misconception of sexuality among the respondents. Almost all the interviewees equated sexuality with romance and sexual intercourse. Issues described as sexuality by 83.2% of the respondents revolved around intimacy, while 16.8% expressed sexuality in terms of friendship. The majority of the respondents (87.8%) reported their knowledge of dating with marked variations in the frequency of its occurrence, ranging from weekly (33.5%) to occasionally (28.5%). Different factors identified as motivation for dating include: character (40.6%), religion (33.0%), love (14.5%), attraction (9.1%) and other factors (2.8%). Dating experience was however tainted by several crises such as deception, promiscuity, materialism and suspicion. A comprehensive sexuality education should therefore be promoted in Nigeria.
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Sexuality , Youths , Institutions
Akinwale, A.A (2010) Sexuality and Dating Experience Among Youths in Ibadan,Nigeria. International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Review 11(4)