Developing Sustainable Renewable Energy for Rural Dwellers' Energy Sufficiency

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Ajibola, Olawale Olaniyi Emmanuel
Ibidapo-Obe, Oye
Balogun, Oluwaseyi Jessy
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ABUAD Journal of Engineering Research and Development (AJERD)
The issues connected with the worldwide growth in energy consumption, energy conservation, and finding environmentally benign ways of energy production may arguably be the most significant challenge facing mankind in the 21st century. Government policies on rewarding economic goals have failed due to inadequate supply of energy. A strong energy sector is essential for a vibrant and competitive economy. Whilst we proceed with increasing the energy generation capacity, transmission and distribution of existing energy from traditional sources through the development of energy systems that enhance social, economic and environmental performance; it is appropriate to focus on renewable and sustainable energy forms for rural areas. In this paper, we explored various renewable and sustainable energy options, namely: solar, wind, micro hydro, fuel cells and bio fuel; with the aim of proposing an environmental friendly and cost effective option that will ultimately solve the energy crisis both in rural and urban areas in Nigeria. Our methodology is purely empirical with data drawn from a pilot project carried out on a household in Magboro community, a suburb of Lagos. The result of the work revealed that the solar system based on photovoltaic cells is a viable renewable energy solution to the perennial power failure especially to the rural populace in Nigeria. The ultimate aim of this paper is to provide the springboard for the development of an enduring energy policy in Nigeria.
Rural populace, power sufficiency, renewable energy, energy consumption, energy conservation , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Electrical engineering, electronics and photonics::Electric power engineering
OOE Ajibola, O Ibidapo-Obe and OJ Balogun (2017). Developing Sustainable Renewable Energy for Rural Dwellers' Energy Sufficiency. ABUAD Journal of Engineering Research and Development (AJERD), Vol.1(1), pp. 1 - 7.