Aspects of the Biology and Culture Trials of Cichlids from Lagos Lagoon

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Soyinka, O. O
Ayoola, S. O.
Onyema, I. C.
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Faculty of Science, University of Lagos
The occurrence, length-frequency distribution, length-weight relationship and condition factors of 449 specimens of cichlids, Sarotherodon melanotheron, Tilapia zilli, Tilapia guineensis and Hemichromis fasciatus from Lagos Lagoon were investigated from September 2009 - February 2010. The relative abundance of the species collected from the lagoon was: S. melanotheron (45.43%), T. zilli (26.73%), T. guineensis (26.06%) and H. fasciatus (1.78%). All the cichlids were found throughout the sampling period except H. fasciatus which was collected only in February. The standard length of S. melanotheron ranged from 8.0 – 14.5cm (weight: 22.00 – 90.00g), T. zilli (SL: 8.0 – 14.5cm; weight: 32.80 – 108.00g), T. guineensis (SL: 9.0 – 17.0cm; weight: 42.00 – 85.00g) and H. fasciatus (SL: 11.0 – 14.0cm; weight: 65.00 – 84.00g). The frequency polygon reflected one age group in S. melanotheron, one age group in T. zilli, three age groups in T. guineensis and two age groups in H. fasciatus. The cichlid species exhibited negative allometric growth with regression coefficient (b) values between 0.729 – 2.0918. The K-value for S. melanotheron was 4.65 (mean, 2.07 ± 0.33); T. zilli, 3.93 (mean, 1.77 ± 0.54; T. guineensis, 3.64 (mean, 1.74 ± 0.66, and H. fasciatus, 3.63 (mean, 1.94 ± 0.28). Culture potential of S. melanotheron (53 males and 47 females) in freshwater concrete pond was also examined from August 2010 – February 2011. Average fecundity per adult female ranged between 21 and 128eggs for fish with weight ranging from 30.00g to 78.00g. The culture trial of S. melanotheron revealed its ability to tolerate and thrive in both brackish and freshwater conditions and this makes it an excellent candidate for aquaculture purposes. Proper management strategies needed to be employed in commercial production and the conservation of this rich resource in the wild.
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Cichlid species , Concrete pond , Length , Weight , Growth , Culture , Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES
Soyinka, O. O., Ayoola, S. O., Onyema, I. C. and Ayeni, M. O. (2013). Aspects of the Biology and Culture Trials of Cichlids from Lagos Lagoon. Journal of Sci. Res. Dev., Vol.14(1) 47 – 54.