Girl-child Education in Nigeria: A Viable tool For National Development

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Anyama, S. C.
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Lagos State Chapter, Counselling Association of Nigeria
Education is an instrument of change which empowers individuals to realize their potentials in all aspects of life be it economic, political or social. Despite all these, failure to invest in girl-child education is one of the greatest problems affecting national development in Nigeria. Education for the girl-child was comparatively low when compared with their male counterparts and the attempts that have been made to improve this inequality in education have not been encouraging. Thus, the paper gives an overview of girl-child education in Nigeria thereby bringing to the fore, the factors militating against girl-child education and the need to educate the girl-child in order 10 acquire knowledge and skills needed to advance her status through knowledge for social interaction, self-improvement and advancement for national development. The paper further highlighted the counselling implications and recommendations that will address the gender-based discrimination against girl-child education that remains prevalent in our society.
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Counselling National Development , Women Empowerment , Girl-child Education , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Anyama, S.C (2015). Girl-child Education in Nigeria: A Viable tool For National Development. The Lagos counsellor. 8(1) 137-145. Nigeria.