Is Gender a Factor in Mathematics Performance among Nigerian Senior Secondary Students with Varying School Organization and Location?

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Awofala, A. O. A.
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The mathematics performance of graduating senior secondary year three students over a period of 10 years was investigated for possible gender differences. Data were drawn from students’ (880 males and 900 females) mock examination mathematics results from eight secondary schools (2 rural schools, 2 urban schools, 2 single-sex schools and 2 coeducational schools) in southeastern part of Nigeria. The independent t-test analysis of significance revealed a significant effect of gender in mathematics performance among the sample data. Also, there were significant differences in the mathematics performance of single-sex male and female students and rural male and female students, all in favour of male students. Based on the findings, the study recommended among others that more co-educational secondary schools be established to engender healthy rivalry between the male and female students in mathematics education since co-educational schools have the tendency to mitigate the performance gap between male and female students in mathematics.
Gender difference, mathematics performance, school location, school organization