Cognate work experience, subject background and technical skills of cataloguers in Nigerian Libraries

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Adewuyi, O.W.
Akinniyi, A.R.
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Nigerian Library Association
The paper investigated the influence of subject background and years of working experience on knowledge usage of various subject classification schemes by Cataloguers in Nigerian Libraries. Copies of a self-designed, pre-tested questionnaire and validated were administered on the delegates that were present at a workshop organized by the Cataloguing, Classification and Indexing Section of the Nigerian Library Association. It was discovered that 59 (90.8%) of the respondents had "very high" skills in descriptive cataloguing and this isfollowed by 51 (78.5%) having "very high" skills in subject analysis, respectively. These were very good credit to the study because it confirmed that respondents had the prerequisite skills of what it takes to perform credibly well as Cataloguers in terms of organization of information resources. The study further discovered that both subject background (r = .051, N= 65, p>.05) and cognate years of experience (r = .051, N= 65, p>.05) were not in any way influence the professional skills of Cataloguers in Nigerian Libraries. Overall, the reported technical skills of Cataloguers in Nigerian Libraries were found to be high with the Grand Mean = 2.45 on a scale of 3. The paper recommends continued professional development and friendly work environment in the workplace so as to enhance teamwork. Also, members of staff should cultivate the habit of sharing tacit knowledge among themselves as a mechanism of fostering skills acquisition by members of staff as a way of preserving the organizational knowledge.
Scholarly article
Adewuyi, O.W & Akinniyi, A.R. (2023). Cognate work experience, subject background and technical skills of cataloguers in Nigerian Libraries. Journal of the Nigerian Library Association, 56(1), 67-78p.