Analysis of the watery exudate obtained from the stilt roots of the Umbrella tree Musanga cecropoides

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Ogunlesi, M.
Okiei, W.O.
Kasumu, R.
Orebamjo, T.O.
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Nigerian Journal of Science
This report contains the results of chemical analysis and phytochemical tests on samples of the watery exudates collected from the stilt roots of Umbrella trees, Musanga cecropoides, at three different locations as well as potable water from Iju Water Works, during both were and dry seasons. The values obtained for the potable water were all within the W.H.O limits. The parameters of the exudates within the W.H.O limits include colour, acidity, conductivity, chloride, sulphate, phosphate, silica, copper and lead while the values for turbidity , pH, total alkalinity, free carbon dioxide, manganese, oxygen, oxygen absirbed KMnO4, salinity and total dissolved solids were outside the limit. A notable feature is the absence of hardness in the exudates. Copper and lead were not detected in all the samples. On freeze-drying the exudates, the brownish residue obtained was found to contain alkaloids
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Umbrella tree , Chemical analysis , Acidity , Phtochemical tests , Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Chemistry
Ogunlesi, M., Okiei, W. O., Kasumu, R. and Orebamjo, T. O. (2003). Analysis of the Watery Exudate Obtained from the Stilt Roots of the Umbrella Tree Musanga cecropoiides.