Preliminary Investigation of the State of Pollution of Ogun River at Kara Abattoir, Near Berger, Lagos

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Alani, R.
Alo, B.
Ukoakonam, F.
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International Journal of Environmental Science and Toxicology
Intense pollution pressures are exerted on Ogun River, especially at Kara abattoir, by human activities. This river serves as a source of drinking water for the cattle waiting to be slaughtered. It is equally used for domestic activities by the residents along its bank. On daily basis, huge quantities of meat products are transported into Lagos and surrounding states for consumption from the Kara abattoir. The consumption of the meat products from the abattoir could pose a great health risk to all consumers. Uptake and accumulation of toxic heavy metals by aquatic organisms from water and sediment are possible. The physic-chemical parameters as well as the heavy metal contents of water and sediments from Ogun River at Kara were assessed. Sample digestion was carried out using concentrated nitric acid and the extracts analysed using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. The physic-chemical parameters revealed a high pollution of the river. Water analysis revealed that Cd (0.009 to 0.016mg/L), Cr (1.286mg/L), Fe (0.428 to 2.486mg/L) and Pb (0.109 to 0.109mg/L) exceeded WHO limits. Sediment analysis revealed that Cu (1.51 to 7.04mg/Kg), Zn (4.51 to 43.44mg/Kg), Fe (65.78mg/Kg) and Pb (15.12mg/Kg) exceeded FME limits.
Abattoir , Ogun river , Heavy metals , Physico-chemical parameters , Water , Sediment , Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy , Risk assessment
Alani, R., Alo, B., & Ukoakonam, F. (2014). Preliminary investigation of the state of pollution of Ogun River at Kara Abattoir, near Berger, Lagos. Int J Environ Sci Toxicol, 2, 11-23.