Hybrid of RSA Cryptography with Huffman Compression Algorithms as a Data Security Measure for Internet Users

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Oladeji, F. A.
Ajetunmobi, R. A.
Ajayi, O. O.
Adebayo, A.
Olatunji, M.
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Covenant University
Security of transmitted data calls for serious concern especially in this informationcentric era where data resources of businesses and organization are held on remote servers. Too much dependence on the network to protect data had exposed the data to danger of cybercrimes and middlemen attacks. It is then expedient that the stakeholders concerned with the data are involved in the security process that is, users are involved in placing some security measures on their data before giving it to the cloud or remote storages offering data storage as a service. Data encryption and compression algorithms play dependable roles on security of transmitted data (Forouzan and Fegan, 2006; Comer, 2009). Encryption disguises the content of a document such that only the sender and the receiver can get it back. There are many data encryption algorithms ranging from data encryption standard (DES), advanced encryption standard (AES) to Rivest-Shamir- Adleman (RSA) algorithms (Comer, 2009). Data compression or encoding on its own reduces the size of the data before it is transmitted. Data compression has the advantages of reducing network traffic by reducing the size of data to be transmitted. Data encoding algorithms also exist with differences in the technique and type of data to be coded. Among them are Huffman, Lempel-Ziv and arithmetic encoding mechanisms to mention a few. The two steps are not compelled to be adopted on all data or across networks. Firewall sometimes prompts the alert that this data is not encrypted. This work suggests a hybrid of encryption and data compression algorithms as a combined effort from the user Level. The showcased algorithms are the use of RSA cryptosystem and Huffman encoding scheme. Data meant for transmission is first encrypted by the human (source of the data) and then subjected to encoding before submission. The implementation was carried out using Java language and sample GUI-based screenshots were documented.
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Cybercrimes , Cryptography , Huffman encoding , RSA cryptosystem , Object-oriented programming , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Information technology::Computer science
APA - Oladeji, Florence A.; Ajetunmobi, Rukayat A.; Ajayi, Olasupo O.; Adeniyi, Adebayo; and Olatunji, Michael (2016) “A Hybrid of RSA Cryptography with Huffman Compression Algorithms as a Data Security Measure for Internet Users” (Covenant University Conference (CUCEN2016))