Site Investigations of Subsurface Conditions Using Electrical Resistivity Method and Cone Penetration Test at Medina Estate, Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria

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Oyedele, K.F
Olorode, D.O
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World Applied Sciences Journal
Several buildings at Medina Estate, Gbagada, Lagos State, have undergone differential settlement of various degrees. An investigation was therefore carried out to unravel the prevalent subsurface geological conditions. 1D and 2D resistivity measurements alongside cone penetration tests were carried out within the undeveloped part of the estate. The results of the tests showed the site to be underlaid by various shades of clay occurring from existing ground to over 20m in many parts of the site. Sands of appreciable thickness were found to occur at depth range of 14 to over 25m in some parts of the site. The information obtained showed that the soil at shallow depths consists of an extensive layer of material of extremely low shear strength and a corresponding high volume of compressibility potential, thus making shallow foundation impossible except some form of soil improvement.
Geophysical , Geotechnical , Unfossilifereous , Geoelectric , Resistivity
Oyedele, K.F. & Olorode, D.O. (2010). Site investigations of subsurface conditions using electrical resistivity method and Cone Penetration Test at Medina Estate, Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria. World Appl. Sci. J, 11(9), 1097-1104.