"Counselling For Marital Adjustment"

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Adedokun, R.A.
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Marital relationship can be viewed as one of many dyadic associations that adult engage in throughout a lifetime. Most relationships are formed because of the potentialities for mutual reinforcements. The expectations of most couples are that love will be shared equally, sexual desires will be fulfilled, none of the couples will be too domineering and there will be sufficient time to discuss matters of mutual interests.Where all these expectations are not met, .most especially where a member of the dyad's attitudes are non-reinforcing or punishing to the other, the relationship is likely to deteriorate or collapse. This paper therefore focuses attention on those skills necessary for couples to sustain their marriages and keep themselves together. It is the position of the paper that appropriate skills training in communication, discrimination or pinpointing, problem - solving and negotiation, and contingency - contracting will prevent deterioration or collapse of marital relationships.
Conference Paper
Marital , Couples
Adedokun,R.A.(1998)"Counselling For Marital Adjustment"(Preventing Marriage-Breakdown). Being a Paper Presented At The 22nd Annual National Conference Of The Counselling Association Of Nigeria CASSON Held At The Kaduna Polythecnic,Kaduna,Nigeria.