Food security: an infometric analysis of agricultural sector in Nigeria from 2009-2018

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Durodolu, O.O
Odunlade, R.O
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This study identifies food security as a pivotal part of national development in Nigeria. Productivity in every other aspect of citizens' life is guaranteed by having access to food daily. More often than not, hunger and malnutrition stem from inadequate food supplies from the national, state, household, or intra-household level. Adequate research in agriculture can engender agricultural productivity and guarantee food security. This study investigates the impact of communicating scholarly agricultural research conducted in Nigerian universities on national food production. This is an informetric study using a quantitative approach to evaluate information resources generated in agricultural research in Nigeria between the years 2009 and 2018. Data were gathered using Meta-analysis to collate various studies in agricultural science within the space of ten years. This collation is limited to publications on the web of science, which is one of the largest subscription-based databases that provide wide-ranging information to many educational disciplines. Prior findings in collated studies were systematically analysed with a focus on measuring the trend of publications by year, the growth rate of research productivity, and the visibility of research and researchers, amongst others. Findings revealed that research productivity in the agricultural sector in Nigeria has significantly increased within the years under study. Also, agricultural scholars communicate their research findings to a wider audience by publishing in scientific journals. By implication, communicating Agricultural research output can aid food production and encourage agricultural producers, especially now that the federal government of Nigeria is supporting mechanised farming. This will ultimately reduce the incidences of poverty and help the developmental aspiration of the country.
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Durodolu, O.O. & Odunlade, R.O. (2020). Food security: an infometric analysis of agricultural sector in Nigeria from 2009-2018. Ilorin Varsity International Journal of Library & Information Science, 3(1), 121-130.