University/ Industry Partnership in a Developing Economy: Nigeria as a Case Study

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Falade, F
Ikponmwosa, E
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This paper examines changes in academic and Corporate Research and Development in Nigeria during the economic recession, as well as the implications to the Universities and industry. It also presents an interactive model of new partnership between government, University and Industry which will enhance national growth in a developing economy. The model shows that for academia and Industry to function and contribute meaningfully to a developing economy, the government must create an enabling environment for the universities and industries to operate. For National development, engineering research and development programs in the Universities must focus on the needs of the industry. Industry on the other hand must rely on universities to proffer solutions to industrial problems particularly the industry related problems requiring academic research solutions. It is recommended that for effective linkage between university and industry, government must create enabling environment for the duo to operate to enhance technological growth.
Conference Papers
Developing Economy , Research and Development
Falade, F and Ikponmwosa, E (2002) University/ Industry Partnership in a Developing Economy: Nigeria as a Case Study. African Regional Conference on Engineering Education and Sub-Regional Workshop on New Engineering Curriculum in Partnership with UNESCO, held at the University of Lagos, Akoka.